2yr old active Boxer food?

by Patricia Parker

when I first got him (Cujo) he was on some sort of Purina dog food. I knew that Purina One was the top of the line in the Purina line so I started Cujo on it.

Cujo loved it but my bf didn't agree with me and switched Cujo to Nutrience. It has no fat in the food and I'm trying to tell him that just like humans a dogs body requires a certain amount of what's called good fat to hold Cujo's weight.

Cujo's not eating the food Cujo will go a day with no food in his system to the point I can hear his belly gurgle and such and don't think it's right for him am I right to think he should be back on the food he eats without complaint?

Answer by Barbara

Hi Patricia,

Yes, you are right. It's not what's in the bag, but what your dog is able to get out of it. That means digestion wise, but of course he needs to eat it first. The food has to be palatable but without added sugar.

Fat is required for multiple reasons, not just to keep his weight as you say. Remember: our brains are made out of fat as well. Fat has gotten a bad rep, and now carbohydrates are getting a bad rep. Food is only bad if we eat too much of the wrong kind.

Read this article about omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for example.

Also certain vitamins (A, D, E and K) are fat-soluble. Without fat you dog gets vitamin deprived. When a food is 100% fat free it can't be a complete diet, and fat also makes the food taste good.

Furthermore, fat provides the most energy and on a per gram basis fats are the most important energy source for dogs.

My opinion? Do your dog a favor and switch back to the food he enjoyed.


PS I have no personal experience with Nutrience dog food (we don't have that in the Netherlands). I only provide general guidelines. If you want specific advice seek a professional.

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