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Your Holiday HoundBytes Issue for NOV'07 -- Risky mineral ratio's in dog food.
November 23, 2007

Christmas is near and so I have found some pet friendly gift suggestions for pets and pet lovers.

Just look at my pretty Akita dog Kensho and his bling-bling dog collar. It sparkles and it shines in the sun and he wears it with pride. As a matter of fact, he won this in a companion animal competition.

I have found a website where you can order these kinds of dazzling dog collars [link removed] online, so you can assemble your dog's name and have it sent to your home address. And for the fashionistas ... you can even add some brace charms to it!

A perfect Christmas gift for a proud pooch with a beautiful name.

This company ships within a week to most US states and accepts international orders too.

And for many, I mean many, different dog breed specific gifts (no, not just Akita) you can visit this gift shop for the whole family [link removed]

You can also choose to upload a pretty picture of your own canine companion, so you can create the perfect personalized holiday gift. Or create a custom calender when you have 12 fabulous doggy pictures you can't choose from.

Certified in Dog and Cat Nutrition

I have completed the exam for Dog and Cat Nutrition and got a 9.3 as a result.

This certificate is acknowledged by 'Stichting Dierbaar' in the Netherlands ('Stichting Dierbaar' is a name so I cannot translate it, but it means something like 'Pet friendly Foundation').

Featured Article: Calcium and Phosphorus ratio in Dog Food

Minerals are very important in dog food. In this issue of HoundBytes I'll highlight two of them that each are crucial when it comes to the absolute amount in dog food, but that are especially crucial when it comes to the relative ratio one should have as opposed to the other.

We are going to shed the light on calcium and phosphorus.

The optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus in dogs is 1.2 to 1. This is slightly different in cat, but let's stick to dogs here on HoundBytes.

When calcium gets too high as opposed to phosphorus, like with calcium supplementation, bone tissue formation is affected. The spine gets out of shape, the joints become stiff and in general bone tissue grows faster than is good for your dog. Especially when your dog is a large breed puppy he or she is seriously at risk of developing growing pains at a later age plus bone abnormalities.

When calcium is too low as opposed to phosphorus, we see the opposite. Bone formation is not optimal and this can result in weak bones and the rubber jaw syndrome. In older dogs the bones are less flexible and the change in bone mineral content then results in fractures.

Dogs that live on meat and vegetables are especially at risk of developing what we call 'all meat syndrome'. Since meat has a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1:17 to 1:20, these dogs have a relative shortage in calcium. This is the reason why the BARF diet prescribes feeding raw meaty bones or bone meal to supplement calcium. But as it is difficult to establish the ideal ratio of 1.2 to 1 when home cooking for your dog, I strongly recommend you feed puppies, and especially large breed puppies, a commercial dog food. When you insist on home cooking your dog's meals then at least wait until your dog is mature and full grown and get some good advice too.

Another thing about feeding puppies is keeping the growth rate slow and the puppies thin. Puppies that grow too fast are at risk of developing growing pains and issues such as hip dysplasia at a later age.

I will explain the mechanisms behind this in detail later on Best Dog Food Guide, but for now just remember to grow your puppy slowly. It will reach it's genetic determined height anyway... not need to speed things up!

Share Your Experience With Other Dog Lovers

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I have set up two forms to start with and you can find them at these locations:

I'm looking forward to reading your stories. Let's learn from each other.

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