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Therapeutic Dog Food
May 31, 2008

Therapeutic Dog Food

Is your dog overweight?

As the obesity epidemic still seems to grow I've updated Best Dog Food Guide with a description of the low fat dog food diet, slimming diet or weight reduction diet (it comes in different names).

However, when your dog is too fat (and 10% above his ideal weight is already defined as being overweight) you don't have need to switch to a low fat dog food as long as you follow the alternative guidelines described here.

A dog should be energetic and alert which is difficult when you have to drag around a lot of excess fat.

Doggie Breath? Bad Breath?

Even more common than obesity in dogs are bad breath issues. It's quite unnecessary though. The main cause for bad breath is inflammation of your dog's gums.

Did you know that about 85 percent of all dogs have inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease by 3 years of age?

It's real easy to prevent this. Read the full article about oral care for dogs for guidance. Here you'll also get educated about the risks of untreated periodontal disease. Just to motivate you to take action...

Malfunctioning Kidneys or Pancreas?

Now is a good time to read the general guidelines when it comes to prescription dog food . These diets aren't for everybody, which is why you can only buy them at your vet's.

The diets described so far (weight reduction and oral care) are pretty straight forward, but we now move into the more specific dog food diets.

First the kidney diet . This is prescribed only when your dog has a permanent malfunctioning kidney. Symptoms of this illness appear when kidney function has dropped below 25% and include: more frequent urinating and hence more water intake, lowered appetite, poor condition and weight loss. These symptoms are not specific so when you notice any of these please consult your vet for a diagnosis and treatment.

The kidney diet cannot cure your dog's kidneys at this level, but it can make your dog's life as pleasant as possible.

Another special dog food diet is the diabetic dog food diet which is prescribed for dog that have canine diabetes. These dogs have a damaged pancreas and cannot produce enough insulin to maintain a normal glucose metabolism.

Special Dog Food Ingredients or Supplements

Dog food manufacturers put a lot of effort in marketing their products. These marketing efforts are of course aimed at YOU!

Ingredients that are highlighted on the dog food bag include:

On Best Dog Food Guide you can read why these ingredients are in dog food and why these are highlighted.

Are you just as happy as your dog?

I hope your dog is healthy and happy and will stay that way for a very long time. And what about you... ? Are you happy? Or is your dog's behavior bothering you for quite some time?

Dog's enrich our lives but they can turn into mean doggies for several reasons. Is your pooch chewing things he's not supposed to, biting and growling at you when you ask him to get of YOUR couch or does he just completely ignore you when you call him or ask him to sit down?

As Best Dog Food Guide is all about canine nutrition and nothing else I cannot help you here. However, I want you AND your dog to be happy companions and I can recommend this dog training when you have any of the issues I mentioned.

Share Your Experience With Other Dog Lovers

You can interact with other visitors on Best Dog Food Guide when you share your experience or comment on the stories told by other dog owners.

I have set up two forms to start with and you can find them at these locations:

I'm looking forward to reading your stories. Let's learn from each other.

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