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When to go to which veterinarian
September 22, 2009

Choose the right vet for your tailwagger

A peek at this health focused issue

Choose the right veterinarian for your furry friend
When should I go see a vet?
Tips to help your dog enjoy his trip to the vet
Canine cash reserves

Choose the right veterinarian for your furry friend

'I'm not a vet', which is what I always tell people when they ask me questions about canine nutrition and health. When your dog has a problem you should consult a veterinarian.
choose the right vet Even if I was a vet, I cannot judge your dog's health by mail without seeing him - and I won't even try, sorry. I have studied (human) health sciences and completed a course in dog and cat nutrition. Therefore I write in a general way about dog food related issues on my website including related health issues but that does not make me a veterinarian.
In the previous HoundBytes issue I promised you to write an article about choosing the right vet. The internet is a good source to find information but whenever you need individual advice, go find a vet that can examine your fluffy friend in real life.

Last month my dog was staying a week at my motherís. He had scratches around his nose from an allergic reaction and as these got infected my mum wanted these to be checked out by a vet. Since we donít live in the same area she took my dog to the nearest vet.

This veterinarian did not look at my dog, and I mean REALLY LOOK. He just registered "hey it's an Akita and these can be difficult" and so he tried to examine the infected scratches by keeping a safe distance. My dog didnít trust him as he was stared at from a distance and so gave him a warning. A clear example of miscommunication between vet and dog. My mum was sent home with the message to go and teach the dog some manners.

Strangely this never happens at my vet's. Kensho is a very sweet Akita and likes to meet new people.

We need a vet that can look past the breed and take a look at the individual.

dog veterinarian

Go and read the full article about choosing the right veterinarian for your dog at Best Dog Food

Also have a peek at this health checklist, if you haven't already done so.

When should I go see a vet?

To educate you further about dog health I can recommend reading the dog health guide. It teaches you when to take your dog to the vet and when it's ok to let him "self-regulate" it. This e-book deals with all common problems and ailments suffered by dogs and you'll learn to recognize the symptomatic alerts. Whilst it great to learn about canine anatomy and a wide range of medical problems, this is probably not your most urgent need. When you are like most people you just want to know the answer to this question: 'How can I tell how serious the problem is, and when do I need to take my tailwagger to the vet?'. And so I think it's great they have included detailed symptom charts to help you make that decision. For only $37 it helps you to spot little problems before they become big ones.

Tips to help your dog enjoy his trip to the vet

  • Drop by the vet's office with your dog on occasion when you don't have an appointment. This way your dog will learn that the vet's office is not only a place where he gets poked.
  • Bring a supply of treats with you but don't mistakenly praise your dog for being stressed.

Canine Cash Reserves

To ensure you'll always have enough money to pay veterinary bills is to set up a canine cash reserve. Deposit about 30 to 50 dollars (or euro's) a month in a savings account and you'll have enough to cover most illnesses. Of course you need to start saving in time! To be safe right away is to obtain pet insurance, however do read through the full text. Usually insurance companies exclude preexisting conditions and hereditary diseases, so you might need to save some dollars each month anyway. Just so you know!

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