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Mini-course part 1 'How much to feed your dog'
January 27, 2012

It's Barbara and here's your next issue of HoundBytes:
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How much to feed your dog ?

This time we start with a mini-course "how much to feed your dog", because - as you may know - many dogs are too heavy. Though a fat dog may still be cute, it's hazardous to his health. He's at risk of developing diseases and you may loose him too soon.

So, in order to prevent obesity issues… let's start this mini-course today. It does contain a lot of numbers so I hope you're not afraid of your calculator. If you are, find someone who can help you do the math.

Next month, you'll receive the next part.

Now first start at: How much to feed your dog - part one

Paws up,
Barbara and Kensho

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