A new 'whole food' canine nutrition program launched

by Caitlin
(Boston, MA)

Get free samples of this food

Get free samples of this food

Get free samples of this food
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Proportions dog food

Kibble, no matter how high the quality, is still a processed food product. It's carb-heavy and essentially "fried" during processing. Much of the nutritional value gets lost in the process and to compensate for that, kibbles often receive a spray of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Proportions is different!

This new dog food brand was launched to provide a healthy alternative. It's called 'Proportions' and there's a reason for that name:

You create a customized meal for your dog based on 7 variables beyond your dog's weight, breed, gender, age and activity level to determine your dog's individual energy requirement.

Get free samples and let your dog choose:

Visit www.proportions.com, fill out the questionnaire and get free dog food samples. Your dog's name and photo will be on the box of your free 10-day starter kit.

Each meal consists of three separate pouches of Hearty Stew, Crunchy Blend and Harvest Mix that you mix into your dog's bowl.

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