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A guide to help you find the best dog food

I hope the information presented in this website is of great value to you. My goal is to create a website about canine nutrition issues and dog food that is researched and written objectively, educating you about the relationship between food and health. It's all about learning to make the right decisions for your dog. There is no dog food brand that will be best for every individual canine.

About me

Barbara and her Akita dog Kensho

Curious as to who is writing for Best-Dog-Food-Guide.com? My name is Barbara and I started this website in the spring of 2007. At that time I was having difficulties finding the right dog food for my dog.

My interest grew as I learned more about canine nutrition, types of dog food etc. Then… a major dog food recall! The biggest recall in pet food history I guess, and people were discussing dog food heavily on the internet.

Also, whenever I walk my dog and meet other dog owners the subject often comes back to… dog food (and it's not me that's starting). So it happened I started researching more and more and also completed a course in dog and cat nutrition. And of course my background in biochemistry and health sciences helped a lot.

My two pets - do you like them?

This website pays for my dogs favorite food

I started building this resource site without much knowledge of HTML, no knowledge of CSS or Photoshop but I managed and so can you if you have an interest, a hobby, a passion.

I'm using SBI to build and grow this website and by doing so I'm earning my dog's favorite food and snacks. Via my dog food research project I can buy him dog food that's best for his health. Click here to find out how you can generate money online too.

Got something to share? Tell the world? Contribute?

barbara en kensho

Share your story, ask a question or pay-it-forward and respond to other dog lovers' questions and stories.

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