Balding dog because of food allergy

by Natalie

I have a black pug who is now 12 months old, going back in sept 2010 I noticed a small bald patch above his eye. I thought nothing of this so did nothing about it.

Archie then got another bald patch on his back leg and very quickly the balding started spreading to his under carridge all legs, paws and head. Not only was he going bald he also got blister type things all over him.

He was so unhappy and very snappy towards the other dogs. At this time i was very worried as the symptoms related to demodex mange.

I got Archie to the vets he has a few skin scraps done but the tests all came back clear? The vet wasn't of much help and said it could be a number of things!!

So I started researching different types of problems it could be. I started with the easy one and that was change his diet! All my 3 dogs were fed on Butches wet food, I changed to Burns also at the start of his change of diet I bathed him in D-10 dog shampoo twice a week to sooth the skin.

9 weeks on and ALL the blisters have gone no more itching and a very happy little dog :)

He's still bald but its starting to grow back! So I would recommend to anyone to change to Burns.

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Mar 19, 2011
Diet change for dogs
by: Barbara

Hi Natalie,

Thanks very much for sharing your story. Great you've found the cause of your dog's problems :-)

Just a quick remark to the other readers

remember that every dog is an individual. One dog can be allergic to substance A, and another one to substance B. This means there is not one type of dog food that will be the solution to ALL allergic dogs.

Start here to research the subject of dog food allergies.

Best regards,

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