How to choose the best dog food

One size fits all?

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Ah, so you came here looking for the best dog food? Well, sorry to tell you this, but I really can't give you a top 10 best dog food list. I would if it was possible, but choosing the right kind and brand of dog food for YOUR dog is slightly more complicated than that.

This is because every dog is different with different needs, likes and dislikes and perhaps also allergies to certain food ingredients. Dogs differ by breed, size, age and life stage, health problems, inherited traits, energy requirements etc.

The Holy Grail of dog food just has not been found (yet). There is no 'one size fits all' and to be honest... I never liked that statement anyway, since in reality it just means 'one size fits no one very good'. It is like a compromise; in the end nobody is completely happy.

Since you know your dog best and because you can monitor his looks and behavior from day to day, you are actually in the best position to determine and choose what's best for your furry companion! But you are not alone in this, so keep on reading...

Things you need to know about dog food

I will help you in the process of choosing the best dog food by providing you with information about different dog foods and the relation between dog nutrition and dog health. Experimental research has confirmed over and over again the connection between nutrition and health and even between diet restriction and life span. I'll inform you about some specific health problems in dogs and the advised therapeutic diet.

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To optimize your dog's health via his menu you need to know several things. If you are a new dog owner, you may start by reading about interpreting dog food labels and the basic dog feeding guidelines.

As long as the food complies with the basic standards for dog food you can feed it to your pooch. But don't just start of switching diets. Change dog food gradually as to not upset your dog's intestinal flora.

Make a careful transition in a slightly scientific manner so you'll be able to draw valid conclusions later on. So I want to ask you to keep a log of this. First fill in the dog health checklist and write down what your pet is having for diner these days, his of hers current dog menu. When the outcome of this checklist suggests a different dog food may help you, you could start a feeding trial.

Of course, when your four-legged friend has serious problems you need to visit a veterinarian. I'm by no means trying to replace the advice of an animal health care professional. Use the expertise of your vet to help you choose the dog food to switch to.

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Well… actually there IS a list of top 9 dog food brands

Confidential Dog Food Report This ebook is part
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The "Confidential Dog Food Report" is an e-book written by Andrew Lewis. Now for those of you who know him, you know that he doesn't think highly of commercial dog food. In fact he likes homemade dog food diets. But commercial dog food is not always bad of course.

Andrew has listed the top 9 dog food brands that are just better-than-good, which is a good starting place for you. After all homecooking can be nice on occasion, but commercial dog food is very convenient.

This list will narrow down your choice as so many dog food brands exist. However, you'll still have to do your homework which is finding the best dog food for YOUR pet.

Find out more about this list of ultra-healthy top dog food brands »

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