Best probiotics for a flatulent dog

by Carol Hooker

I am trying to figure out the best probiotics to feed my dog for gas. I feed him Canidae and have switched to their chicken and rice diet and he still has gas. Can you recommend one based on this particular problem?

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Supplements for dogs with excessive gas production
by: barbara

Gas is a normal byproduct of digestion. When your dog is suffering from excessive gas production (or you yourself are the one that suffers from a flatulent dog) then this may indicate that he cannot digest certain components in this daily diet. Not every dog is alike and perhaps your dog has more difficulties digesting the food (or snacks) you're feeding him. Diet is the main reason for flatulence.

You mentioned you have switched to Canidae chicken & rice. Did you compare the ingredients list to the dog food you were feeding before? Try to avoid the same grains or meats to find out the cause of the problem.

Some dogs have more difficulties digesting carbohydrates, in which case a grain free dog food might help. But certain proteins can also be the cause, so it's difficult to say. To aid your dog's digestive system you could add a nutritional supplement containing probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes. The enzymes will predigest the food before it reaches the bowel (this is where gas production takes place). You can buy both as a twin pack (or mini twin pack to try).

Also make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. This will help to get the gas out of his system.

Now supplements won't guarantee that your dog's flatulence will diminish, though it's safe to try (no known side effects). Results vary from outstanding, to great to little or no effect. Your dog could suffer from a physiological or genetical problem or it could 'just' be the diet you chose.

An alternative is switching to a raw meat diet. You can find pre-packaged frozen dog food that's complete according to the AAFCO nutrient profiles. This way you can feed a raw meat diet without switching to laborious home cooking and having to worry about the question whether the recipes are complete in terms of required nutrients.

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