Content on your site - Dog Digestion Journey

by Stephen
(Knoxville, TN)


Your site is fun to read. I really enjoyed the information you have here, so I want to help you (I noticed some Japanese content on your site, as well, and since I have a lot of Japanese friends and lived there a while, I got more even more interested)! Beautiful dog, by the way; I have had so many of all sizes (right now I have a puggle).

The reason I'm writing you is because your content could use some gramatical polishing, which is a strength of mine, but I would also like to finish reading the "Dog Digestion Journey" that we started together.

If you would be interested in me spending a few minutes to help you here, I would love to do it. {contact information removed because of privacy reasons}. Also, if you can email me a link to, or tell me how to pick up on the digestion journey after the section on vomiting, or continuing on to the stomach, I would love to read the rest.

Thanks for your time!


Stephen Bradley

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Dog Stomach - the Digestion Journey will continue
by: Barbara

Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much and you're right... the dog digestion journey needs to continue until the very end. The transition to the new design for the website is almost finished and when that task is done I'll be adding new content. So you can expect the sequel this year!

More people have asked me to continue the dog digestion journey which is a huge motivator of course. It's so nice to get feedback from my audience :-)

I'm writing in English which is not my mother tongue, but Japanese content is absent from my site. The Akita, a Japanese dog breed, however is very present.. my dog is a true Japanese Akita.

Kind regards

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