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Hi Barbara,

My brother has a 13 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix that has been diagnosed with kidney disease.

They want to switch her over to a special prescription kidney diet (such as Hill's K/D or Purina's NF) but the dog is also allergic to corn - an ingredient contained in all of these prescription kidney diet brands.

Their vet doesn't know of any brands that don't contain corn. Can you recommend a brand or come up any solution to their problem? Thank you in advance for your help.


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by: Barbara

Hi Diane (and your brother)

Switching to a kidney disease dog food diet that has ingredients the dog is allergic to is no solution. As you probably read on this page about canine kidney disease, it's a disease that cannot be cured. It can only be managed.

You've got 2 issues to worry about: dog food allergy and the specific requirements of a dog with malfunctioning kidneys. The dog needs a diet with low - but high quality - protein (high bio-availability means less amino acids turning into waste).

Proteins are for building and repairing cells, they are not clean fuels. Carbohydrates are a 'clean' fuel: besides corn these are rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes (click here for the article about grain free dog food). Fats are a clean fuel too.

So you need a high quality protein dog food with rice or potatoes. I don't maintain a database with dog food brands and ingredients but I know of someone who does. You can get a personal consultation with Sabine Contreras. She has very detailed information about all kinds of dog food brands and the ingredients. Via her company Better Dog Care she gives individual canine nutrition consultations (either by mail, telephone or house visits).

You'll find a few corn-free dog food recipes for kidney diseased canines you could try. These recipes are provided by Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy - a company that claims to have found a solution to reverse kidney damage. It's an alternative program and I don't know if it works since kidney damage is irreversible according to the current opinion.

Keep your vet in the loop and treasure the time you have with your canine friend.

All the best and take care,

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