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Akita Kensho en Barbara It's me… and my Akita dog Kensho

My name is Barbara and I'm the editor of this website and the proud owner of a Japanese Akita dog (formerly known as Akita Inu). My dog is a fussy eater and he's very sensitive as well. This is why I started researching dog food in the first place.

I have a background in biochemistry and health sciences, also I completed a course in dog and cat nutrition (oups… the C-word  ).

I want you to know that I'm not a veterinarian.

It is your responsibility to consult with a licensed, practicing Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM) (or equivalent in your country) before making any changes to your method of feeding or any other matter of dog care for any dogs for which you have any responsiblity or contribute, in any way, to their care.

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  1. Just start typing your question in this box, select 'Dog' from the dropdown list and click on 'Get an Answer'.
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Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! You will have the option to view and "Accept" Experts' answers before agreeing to pay them for their work. Offline veterinarians often charge much more for their services, but… remember that an online vet cannot examine your dog, perform tests or first aid.

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Send questions and comments to me via the form below. I'm always curious to hear feedback, questions, thoughts, new ideas for improving the site! Your comment/question appears on this website (either below or on a more relevant page) only after I approve it.

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IgG and IgE tests 
I cannot find a laboratory that will do both IgG and IgE tests for dogs (pets in general). Do you know of a lab that will do both?

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Selling boutique dog biscuits 
I am thinking about making and selling dog treats. To start, I will buy my ingredients from grocery stores and everything I make is edible by humans. …

Starting a boutique dog treats company 
I am thinking about making and selling dog treats. To start, I will buy my ingredients from grocery stores and everything I make is edible by humans. …

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Well I was just wondering if your site hacks into peoples computers telling them to go on this site? Because my computer keeps typing in AAFCO and other …

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What are the guide lines if you would like to make dog bones and sell them? Do you have to put ingredients on the label, nutrition analysis and so forth? …

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Please see the international dog shock incidents on StreetZaps; please disseminate this vital public service to preclude more injuries or tragedies. Many …

Fussy eater, Diabetic, Insulin, Blind, Lack of Hair Growth... 
"Teddy" is on Hills w/d. He is the fussiest eater on the planet so we mix in Hills z/d (about 2 large tablespoons), otherwise he will not eat. His daily …

How to prevent excessive weight gain in dogs following worming 
I am doing research on how to prevent excessive weight gain in dogs after they have been successfully treated for a significant worm infection. Kindly …

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me and my akita dog

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