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Have something to share? Did you buy a new dog food brand for your pooch? Did (he or she) like it? Please notice the Dog Food News section is not an invite to commercially promote your own dog brood brand. It's an invite to dog owners to share their stories and findings.

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the raw food diet I am using for my huskies......... 
3 years ago I finally put it together that one of my dogs has an allergy to kibble ingredients. I was feeding the best kibble I could find; Wellness and …

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Akita Kensho awakes

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Trends in dog food like humanization (dogs becoming family members, dogs getting beauty treatments, dog beer and gourmet food), buzz words (organic dog food, holistic dog food and natural dog food), functional treats and food supplements, nutraceuticals and new dog food ingredients such as omega-3 fish oil, prebiotics for dogs and probiotics for dogs etc. drive new developments in dog food to create super healthy dog food.

Are marketers telling us the truth? Are dog food manufacturers only in it for the money? There is an enormous amount of black and white thinking and fanaticism on the internet. However, I prefer to look at the facts, stay objective and unbiased, and service dog owners like yourself by providing you with valuable information.

Poodle just enjoyed special dog food

Experts that don't seem to agree on dog biology (carnivore versus omnivore), feeding raw meat (yes, do - no, beware of the bacteria), benefits of breed and life stage specific dog foods versus one food for all dogs, etc. A lot is still food for thought and discussion.

The massive pet food recall in March 2007 (USA) has driven many dog owners to home made recipes. Dog food cooking classes and recipe books are getting a real boost from this. I'm awaiting to see the lessons learned from this massive recall, dog food regulations, actions taken by the dog food manufacturers, what legal cases are sued, etc. Any interesting things I come across will be posted on Dog Food Blog.

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