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Library of dog food questions

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Picky eater 
Fostering a 5 year old min pin who does not want to eat. Very picky. Ate small amount of canned one day then refused. Ate small amount OD chicken this …

My Pitbull is eating small amounts of food 
I have a blue Pitbull (2 years and 7 months). He is a very healthy boy but he is not eating good !!! I mean he is eating a small amount of food, he is …

Best probiotics for a flatulent dog 
I am trying to figure out the best probiotics to feed my dog for gas. I feed him Canidae and have switched to their chicken and rice diet and he still …

My dog's poo smells terrible now that we've switched dog food 
My dog's poo smells terrible and it wasn't always like this. We recently switched to new dog food as it was supposed to be really good but now we have …

What is the best dog food for my [dog breed] of [age of dog]? 
This is a question I get a lot which is why I've added it in this generic way to the list.

Why should I pay attention to my dog's daily stool? 
Well, you know what they say about a dog's stool. But is that really true? Do I have to look at it?

My dog is itching all the time. Could he be allergic? 
My dog is itching and scratching. I have no clue why he's doing that so much... could he be allergic?

Should I feed my new puppy different food than an adult dog? 
Why do life stage specific dog foods exist? Is this a marketing gimmick or should I really feed my new puppy special dog food?

How do YOU handle feeding dry dog food? 
I do use a wonderful vet on a regular basis. But in reading your article I could not help but wonder how food is regulated when feeding dry food. Missy …

Digestibility of gel caps for fish oil liquids 
I give my dog several supplements and sometimes meds from the vet. I wonder if the capsules or sometimes gel cap for liquids like fish oils dissolve in …

My doggie doesn't take dry dog foods 
My puppy doesn't take dry dog food and I'm very upset for cuty health. Suggest me. Answer by Barbara: My dog was the same way. He didn't eat …

2yr old active Boxer food? 
when I first got him (Cujo) he was on some sort of Purina dog food. I knew that Purina One was the top of the line in the Purina line so I started Cujo …

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