Fussy eater, Diabetic, Insulin, Blind, Lack of Hair Growth...

by Kimberly S MoorePrescott
(Petaluma, California)

"Teddy" is on Hills w/d. He is the fussiest eater on the planet so we mix in Hills z/d (about 2 large tablespoons), otherwise he will not eat.
His daily insulin and the food level him out.

His hair is very, very ratty looking. Is there anything I can add to his food for hair health? We have an Omega3 blend (Grizzly Salmon Oil) but it turns out he is allergic to it. I can only guess that it is the rosemary extract. My reasoning for that determination is that he got a hold of a spiced French-fry one day and that also caused extreme itching in him. Spices seem to be a real issue for him.

At the same time, these Hill’s Diet foods seem so lacking for some vitamins and nutrients that are good for hair, shiny eyes, and healthy skin.

Any ideas?

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