Green chlorophyll soup to increase red blood cells

by Paula
(UAE )

Sooty in the middle of the photo

Sooty in the middle of the photo

I wanted to share my traumatic experience with you and other members. My female portugeuse 10 year old water Spaniel, Sooty, had a suspected serious immune infection in march this year.

Blood in urine plus loss of appetite

I noticed what looked like blood in her urine plus she lost her appetite for one day only (unlike Sooty). I made an immediate appointment at the vets and to my amazement her temperature was that of a healthy dog.

Is it rat poison or a parasite?

Sooty underwent a blood test to find that she had either picked up rat poison or a parasite on our regular walk. It was found to be rat poison.

I was devastated to find that Sooty may not last through the night as her red blood cell was 1.86 and for a healthy dog it should have read between 5.50- 8.50.

Find blood donors via social media

We had to find a dog donor for an immediate blood transfusion for her plus the vet prescribed a vitamin K drip, the usual case for a poisoned dog. Sooty was put on predisolone, a steroid, to suppress her infection, which after some immediate research I asked for her to be put on lower dosages of other steroids with less side effects.

I put an urgent message on Facebook for a dog donor and so many kind people called me offering their dog, which was encouraging. Sooty received a blood transfusion the next day with no success.

Time was of the essence I was desperate and trawled the internet to try and help my fabulously faithful girl, only to find so many tear rendering testimonials, which lead me to so many sites selling their wares!! I couldn't focus on anything else but Sooty , but that is exactly what I did - F O C U S!!!


I decided after reading an article about chlorophyll, which helps to build healthy blood cells, to go back to my biology school days. I checked out all safe green leafy vegetables super high in chlorophyll for dogs, went to the store and raided the shelves of broccoli, kale, bok Choy, cauliflower, (asparagus for her bloating from steroids).

I steamed it all for four minutes as not to kill the chlorophyll and made it into a thick soup, I fed it to Sooty 4-5 times per day with her regular homemade food and in-between meals, as a dog on steroids is always hungry and greedy. Sooty adored it and lapped it up plus the attention!!

Sooty received a second successful transfusion 5 days later from a large french healthy poodle, only to find that her red blood cells had climbed to 4.92 in less than two weeks.

Sootys recovery

Sootys last blood test was May 13 th, her result was 8.70, she has now been weaned off all medication. Her weight is back to normal and she has red healthy gums and eyes after being very anaemic.

Sooty is back to her fun loving playful self AND so am I as I felt I helped her in my own way!!!

P.S all three of my dogs take my miracle green soup daily and love it and my vet was surprised at the outcome and has told other patients of my recipe.

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May 21, 2013
Tip: Tempting your beloved pal with veggies
by: Paula

Sooty has never been interested in vegetables or have any of my other picky eater dogs, ( American spaniel & Chihuahua).

I blend the thick veg soup and put cooked chopped chicken on the top, plus a mix a little fresh ginger for Sooty as her joints are more stiff in the extremely hot weather here in Dubai. I also add an eighth of a teaspoon of organic egg shell powder alternate days for calcium.

Another way I initially tempted my dogs with veg was cooking the veg in the same water that I had boiled a chicken leg in and blended the chicken with the veg, no bone or skin though.

Fresh blueberries and water melon have been a great saviour for Sooty at her hungriest times on steroids and they still are.

May 20, 2013
Thanks for sharing
by: Barbara

Hi Paula,

I was reading your disturbing story and was so happy to find out it had a happy end. Also great to read that so many people responded to your cry for help via Facebook.

At one time my dog had a low red blood count and the vet suspected a parasite then. He too recovered :-)

Thanks for sharing your green soup recipe.

All the best,

PS Does your dog usually eat vegetables? I can't get mine to eat a pea but his sister does eat strawberries etc.

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