healthy dog treats for Akita's

by wanda washington
(Augusta, Ga.)

Can you recommend some healthy dog treats for Akita's?

Answered by Barbara

Hi Wanda,

My Akita doesn't care for the typical commercial dog treats. He backs away and turns his head as to make his point very very clear.

Fish he loves best, the sushi kind - without the rice ;-). Salmon, tuna, etc.

Second comes meat.

Then natural dog treats like dried paunch, pig ears etc.

Oh, and he just loves cheese... all kinds, but that is not a healthy dog treat!

Too bad he dislikes fruits and veggies. This is not Akita specific though. I know his sister snacks on strawberries.


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Healthy Dog Treats

Try Fresh Organic Fruit like Apples, Pears, Blueberries, or try theses fruits dried.
Fresh Organic Veggies are great as well;
Carrots, Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes, Peas these are great dried as well. There are many others you can feed.

Make sure apple and pear seeds and cores are removed they are toxic to dogs.

Please do research before feeding your dog any other foods some are toxic like grapes and raisins. Hope this is helpful.

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