Fear of fireworks

Do you remember when you joined HoundBytes? You got access to our member page to download several e-books and… a mp3 file to desensitize your dog to fireworks sounds.

Fireworks Not a pretty sight for many dogs

Well, it's that time of year again and I hope you did not forget to start in time with the practice. But… it's never too late for some year end tips.

  • Don't leave your dog alone on New Year's Eve.
  • Close the curtains, play music and distract your dog with a toy.
  • When your dog panics, remind yourself to stay calm and be supportive (yes, this is allowed) to your furry friend.
  • For anxious dogs use a Thundershirt (based on the Telling TTouch method) or DAP collar.
  • Walk you dog before 22:00 to avoid most of the fireworks.
  • Give your dog a stuffed Kong at 23:50 to keep him busy.

I'm a lucky dog owner as my dog Kensho is not afraid of fireworks, though it heavily irritates him. And when he's annoyed he barks just as well… and very loud too. So we'll adhere to these tips as well... to avoid him being disturbed as much as we can.

You'll find your instructions to download the MP3 at the bottom.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
- Ghandi -

It's not about what's in the bag

Pet food marketers would have believed you otherwise, but really… it's not what's in the bag that is important to your dog. Your dog's health depends on what HE is able to get OUT of it!

Leather shoe It's protein but not digestible

And this, you won't find on any pet food label. It's the missing part and that is where you come in. You are a responsible dog owner and you can evaluate your dog's health on a daily basis. So you'll notice whether he thrives on a particular diet… or not.

When a food ingredient is available but your dog is unable to digest it, the food nutrients won't reach the cells in his hungry body. His body won't be nourished and your dog's health will decrease.

Suppose one portion dog food contains 30 gram protein. You cannot tell how much protein will be available as building blocks for your dog. The key is: it depends on the digestibility and bio-availability of these proteins.

A leather shoe is protein, but I assume at least your gut feel tells you this is no suitable protein source for your pooch.

And so… it's not just about the protein contents that we need to worry, no matter how low or how high. It's both about the quantity and quality of the protein involved.

And of course, the same story applies to the other food constituents.

We'll be talking about quantity first, so stay tuned.

“The old saw about old dogs and new tricks only applies to certain people.”
- Daniel Pinkwater -


In case you have any questions concerning the well-being of your dog. Please use the question box below. It gets you into contact with trained professionals and you only pay if you accept their answer.

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All the best and happy holidays from Barbara and Kensho

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