How much to feed your dog? (3/3)

Let's summarize what you have learned so far. You have learned to calculate the average maintenance requirement for your dog in kJoules (or kCalories). And last time you learned how to calculate the amount of energy your own dog food delivers per kilogram.

Time to combine these and calculate how much grams of dog food you need to feed daily. We're almost ready.

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#1 Energy requirement of your dog

Picture of a puppy

Previously you calculated the maintenance energy requirements of your dog; the BMR*2 (on average, see below).

My Akita dog would need 7051 kJ.

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#2 How much energy your dog food delivers

The example dog food I used delivered 1512 kJoule per 100 gram dog food. Now it's more convenient to have this expressed by kilogram, so let's multiply by 10: 1512 x 10 = 15120 kJoules per kg dog food.

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#3 How much dog food to feed

If I was feeding the dog food used in the example I would need:
7051/15120 = 0.47 kg dog food per day. Which equals to 2 daily portions of 235 gram.

Now this is a very rough calculation and it's based on the average dog. Is your dog average? I doubt that ;-) So remember, to always use your best judgement and "feed with your eyes".

Adjustments to an individual dog's energy requirements

These calculations are based on the average healthy dog. In the first article we multiplied the BMR with 2, but this would be more for a lactating bitch and less for an overweight dog.

Alaskan dude

Some guidelines:

  • Maintenance adult dog: 2 x BMR (basic metabolic rate)
  • Sports dog in training: 3 x BMR
  • Puppy: 4 x BMR (until he reaches 50% of his end weight)
  • Puppy from 50% of end weight untill adult: 3 x BMR

And an overweight dog would get less than 2 x BMR to reduce the energy intake.

This concludes the mini-course "How much to feed your dog". Hope the calculations didn't scare you away. We're done with maths for now.

“Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.”
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All the best and paws up,
Barbara and Kensho

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