How do YOU handle feeding dry dog food?

by Jennie Horner

I do use a wonderful vet on a regular basis. But in reading your article I could not help but wonder how food is regulated when feeding dry food.

Missy does not get her "twice each day" insulin shot until she has finished her food which is canned and weighed or measured to keep the amount exact.

Dry food is always available in case of low sugar. Missy's diabetes is the result of an insulinoma removed from the pancreas.

She is small, 7 pounds, so far, does not have any other problems. I did consider a food which is much higher in protein but my vet was a little afraid of the effect on Missy's kidneys.

She can be a little stubborn and I have had to spoon feed her a few times. For this reason, I really hesitate to make changes.

I did enjoy your article and would really like to know more about how other people handle feeding dry food.

Jennie Horner

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