Love for food and Science Hill diet ultra allergen

by Matilda

I remember the first time I adopted my white and tan Maltese X name Coco. My friend was giving her away because they were moving overseas. My other little pooch needed a companion, none the less she came to our lives just like that.

For many years I fed my dogs what you normally feed them from the supermarket, bones etc. Until three years ago she started to develop a very concerned itchiness. She wouldn't sleep due to scratching, wouldn't sit still and started to lose lots of hair.

First I thought it was stress or anxiety due to her heart problem and because she lost her male companion, due to heart failure.

So we got another little dog which keeps her on her feet. Her sadness and anxiety disappeared. Her allergies stopped for a while, then it came back again. This time she damaged her back due to severe scratching. Until the day came when she started laying stools with blood. I grew very concerned.

I took her to the vet and he changed her diet completely. She is now with Science Hill diet ultra allergen, even though she eats the same food every day, and lingers when the other dog gets a bone, she is much healthier, her hair is shiny and healthy and looks forward for her biscuits every time.

She loves milk and food of all types, but she is not allowed to have them anymore.

She is now turning thirteen years old and is doing pretty good. Hoping to keep her alive for more years. She is very patient, caring and very loving and with her heart problem we can only provided her with a nurturing loving home and a very special diet.

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Apr 11, 2011
replacement for z/d
by: Anonymous

We are trying Royal Canin Sensitivity Control, recommended by our veterinarian as an alternative, but after one week our dog is starting to develop all the old symptoms- k/d was like a wonder drug - the effects were so astonishing so the issues with importing the food into the country (that I gather is the problem with supply-some changes to regulations they are trying to resolve)is very disappointing. If you find a better alternative let us know!

Mar 20, 2011
Alternative to Hills Z/D Ultra allergenic
by: Anonymous

There seems to be a problem getting this in Australia - does anyone have any alternatives ?

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