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Bonus #1 - Caring for your dog

dog care ebook

My gift to you: 'A Bit of Tender, Love and Care for Dogs' e-book.

It's an illustrated 92-pages e-book 'A Bit of Tender, Love and Care for Dogs' with contributions from dog lovers, veterinarians and professional dog trainers.

Download 'A bit of T.L.C. for Dogs' »

Bonus #2 - Dog training Q&A

dog whisper woman answers your questions ebook

Special bonus 'DogWhisperWoman answers YOUR questions' written by Rena Murray. Rena contributed as a co-author to my TLC book, then wrote this bonus as a gift to go with it.

Download 'DogWhisperWoman answers' »

Bonus #3 - Dog training myths

Learn about 5 dog training myths

Special bonus '5 Dog Training Myths' written by Daniel Stevens.

Download '5 Dog Training Myths' »

Bonus #4 - Getting used to loud sounds

Is your dog afraid of fireworks?

Use this desensitization audio file (mp3) to train him to get used to loud sounds. But start gently, only turning up the volume when you dog is at ease. Distract him by playing with him.

Download this mp3 »

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