My computer searches for AAFCO and I end up here

by Tarsha

Well I was just wondering if your site hacks into peoples computers telling them to go on this site? Because my computer keeps typing in AAFCO and other words like: Nutrition research, dog food, dog food compare, research analysis and so on.

I thought you might know what is going on because its so bizarre. My computer just started typing these words in which led me to this site when I looked up AAFCO.

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Anti-virus software recommended
by: Barbara

Hi Tarsha, My website is certainly not hacking and neither am I. When your computer is typing in words all by itself, then your computer is probably hacked.

Run a good anti virus and anti spy ware program or consult a pc doctor.

You can run into my site when you Google on certain dog food related search terms though, which has to do with the ranking algorithm by Google.

Amongst others I have a page dedicated to the AAFCO, which is why you can find this website when you (or your computer in this case) searches for AAFCO.

Success and kind regards

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