My dog is itching all the time. Could he be allergic?

My dog is itching and scratching. I have no clue why he's doing that so much... could he be allergic?

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Allergy or irritation or behavorial habit, can't tell from here
by: Barbara

It?s a possibility, sure, but to diagnose an allergy you first need to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Before you go, read about allergy symptoms and write down a list of symptoms your recognize plus estimate the date these started.

Then try to recall whether there have been changes in your dog?s environment or eating habits (take a look at your calender or agenda). Itching and scratching can be the result of chemical irritation. Perhaps you tried a new flee or tick repellent?

Another reason for excessive scratching can be stress or a way to get attention. It then turns out into a behavioral habit.

Gathering this information will help answering some of the questions your vet is likely going to ask you.

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