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My hobby research project about dog food

I just love my dog and since we’ve had trouble finding the best dog food for his needs I got to know more and more about dog food. Soon I wanted to investigate and research more about this subject, I went to various symposiums, followed courses in dog and cat nutrition and decided to start a dedicated website.

Perhaps you have a hobby, a passion, a talent or a research project like I have. I’m sure you do! Do you want to share your knowledge, information and ideas with other people? Broadcast your knowledge to the world? Don’t be shy! When you know something that others don’t it can be your gift to the world to share that information. You can build an entire business by putting your brain on the web. It’s called infopublishing, for the aspiring infopreneur. No need to sell anything!

The best thing is: you don’t have to be a computer expert to get started. You may be wondering what I used to create my Best Dog Food Guide website. Well, I used Site Build It!

SBI! CTPM Process

If you want a program that is easy to use, affordable, provides lots of support and help, then you owe it to yourself to at least check it out! There is an excellent Action Guide that walks your through the whole process of creating your site.

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You can register and host a web site for less money elsewhere, but then you’ll have to learn and invest time in doing all the technical stuff yourself. SBI is not just a hosting service. With SBI you can focus on the actual content of your website. That’s why you want the website in the first place, right? No need to buy expensive keyword research tools or get involved with scammy search engine optimization services.

This is so much easier than any HTML editor and it takes care of all technical stuff such as:Web hosting, Domain name registration, Domain name parking, Point and click site building, Search engine submission, Search engine optimization, Keyword research, E-zine publishing, Traffic analysis, Spam check and 24*7 Unlimited support.

Their tutorials are very clear and whenever I have a question to which I cannot find the answer in the forum (which by the way is great for support and motivation) I ask SBI support. And here comes the best part of my experience so far: questions are answered and solved within 4-6 hours.

I’m completely satisfied with SBI and my next site will be hosted by SBI again, definitively! I’m just a few months on my way and I see traffic increasing exponentially. You can do the same with only a few hours work a week. With SBI it's so easy to track my rankings at the major search engines for the keywords I’m writing for.

Would you like to see a demo? If you have about 30 minutes, these can be the best 30 minutes that you can spend online right now. That is if you are still interested in creating your own web site. Perhaps you're more of a visual person, then watch this informative video demonstration.

Or are you thinking 'I wish I had 30 minutes to just sit and watch a video, I can't afford that!'? Especially for the folks that are always in a hurry and need to know things as quickly as possible, find here your 30 second nutshell version.

You can try SBI completely risk free. If you’re not completely satisfied, which I find highly unlikely, you can get a FULL refund. There’s no “trial period” or any strings attached or hidden catches.

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I joined the SiteSell affiliate program because I strongly believe in the product, and I wanted to recommend Solo Build It! to my family and friends. Now, my mother, and several of my friends have begun building their own website businesses.

So, I have no qualms about recommending Solo Build It! to you. I know it actually works. If you sign up for Solo Build It! through the links given here, you can start your own online business today. I receive a commission if you make a purchase from them as well, but I would recommend them whole-heartedly even if I didn't. Their program is truly excellent. The cost to you is the same as if you bought it directly from the company.

Thank you in advance, and if you need help getting your new Solo Build It! website started, just ask. I look forward to meeting you in the Solo Build It! Forums.

All the best,