My Pitbull is eating small amounts of food

by Gandi

I have a blue Pitbull (2 years and 7 months). He is a very healthy boy but he is not eating good !!! I mean he is eating a small amount of food, he is 28 kg. What can I do to let him eat good ? Is there some vitamin for this problem ?

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Calculating the right feeding amount for your pitbull
by: Barbara

Hi Gandi, As I cannot judge whether your dog is underweight I recommend using your eyes and your hands: do you feel the ribs of you Pitbull when you touch him gently? When do don't feel them he's probably overweight. When you can see them he's probably underweight.

You can upload up to 4 photo's with each question to show us your Pitbull. You describe your pooch as 'very healthy' but you left out describing when this eating problem started.

And how much dog food is a small amount? It's best to quantify how much your dog is eating.

Follow these steps to calculate the right feeding amount. You need to fill out he's ideal weight (so not his current weight).

Then look at the label on your dog food and calculate how many grams of dog food you need to give your dog the desired amount of kilo calories.

It's not about vitamins but finding the right dog food which your dog finds is palatable and digestible. This is not the same for all dogs.

The calculation I recommended is still just a rough estimate. Some dogs do very well on less food than the calculation will give you. The amount of activity etc also plays a role.

It's very important you use your eyes and your judgment of your dog's condition. Ask a local vet for his or her opinion on your dog's condition.

Multiple factors can contribute to the fact that your dog is not eating well (he doesn't like the food, he is stressed, dental problems, bitches in heat in the area, he's suffering from pain) and it's best to go for a checkup at your vet.

Perhaps you dog is eating less than before just because he's now full grown.

So do the math, use your eyes (and hands) and when in doubt find a vet.

All the best,

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