Our Lab Duke

by Eric

We have a two year old pure bred lab, he was always scratching his ears and chewing on his paws, tail, and/or licking his skin when he was a baby.

We first thought is was nothing but I eventually got him tested at 3 months old. We came to find out he had many known food allergies: beef being number one, carrots, peas, corn, brewers yeast, sorgorn, and some what to eggs.

It has helped knowing his allergies, the allergy test required three viles of blood and $800.00, but was well worth it.

We have save that and more on not having to get his ears flushed (every month), not to mention he is the boy and I would take care of him just like one of our children.

Duke has overcome these allergies, but the vet has mentioned he will need testing throughout his life as the allergies can change with age and environmental surroundings.

We still have some issues once and awhile with him getting into things as a Lab is never full and especially a 100 LB one like Duke, so we keep some Otomax on hand for ear flare ups (as repeat infections can result in deafness over time) and also a sharp eye on him never hurts whether it is for allergies or just watching to see what he's doing.

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