Picky eater

by Stan
(Rochester, NY)

Fostering a 5 year old min pin who does not want to eat. Very picky. Ate small amount of canned one day then refused. Ate small amount OD chicken this morning, refuses all tonight.

Dog is clearly stressed at losing his family and they may have been feeding him table food.

How long is too long for him to go without eating before taking him to vet?

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Picky Eater
by: Anonymous

I do agree with the other person. It is always good to have your vet check your loved pooch out as well as teeth. You really don't know if there have been any health problems. But with that said; I am willing to send you a couple free jars of Organic Pet Bistro Chicken & Brown Rice.

I am the VP of Development R.Miett. Originally, I have created Pet Bistro with sick dogs, dogs with allergies, dogs with bad teeth and those picky eaters in mind in order for them to live healthier lifestyles. I needed to create a food that was toxic free and healthier than what was being offered. All dogs love Pet Bistro.

You may go to the website www.petbistro.us and give us a lookup. If you decide you wish to try some email me under contact page. I will be more than happy to send samples FREE to see if it helps. Good Luck you seem to be a great parent!

Fuzzy eaters and how to deal with them
by: Barbara

As the owner of a fussy eater I know how hard this can be. It's difficult to watch a dog refusing to eat and it makes you worry.

That's why I recommend to always have your veterinarian do a check up just to make sure he's well. Better to err on the side of caution really. Some dogs are fussy eaters and have a reduced appetite because of a medical condition.

When you know for certain the dog is OK then you can focus on the eating problem. It appears you have already tried variations in the diet, see what he likes and dislikes. Though this can get out of hand. I remember one time when my dog was staying with my mother that she returned him eating only salmon. O yes, dogs are very clever at training their owners in getting what they want.

Have you tried hand feeding the dog? This may help to get the process started. Just remember that it's a process and don't go hand feeding him salmon only for the rest of his life ;-)

Salmon of course would be OK if it fits your budget but salmon alone is not a complete and balanced diet for dogs.

You'll be needing some persistence and determination. I've now find the food my dog really enjoys, but still some days he only eats once or he skips a day. When he's shedding he usually has a decreased appetite, then when his fur starts to grow he'll eat twice as much. So I let him determine how much to feed. And he's in perfect shape.

So to summarize: make sure you're dog is not suffering from a medical condition, try hand feeding to get the process going, try a good quality dog food and know this: no healthy dog has ever allowed himself to starve.

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