Saving Pets One Pet At A Time

by Rafaela Miett
(Wayne, Pa. USA)

I would like to say thank you to Ann Martin for her heart and dedication; for bulldozing through the Pet Food Crap!

I believe controlled regulations must start at the meat manufacturers that are supplying the meat to the Pet Food manufacturers (actual ratio grind). It's a start.

It would be best if Pet Food Labels defined exactly what Rendered Meat etc. is .. Most consumers do not know the difference (by products/meat meal/rendering) Clearly state the definition of these products giving the consumer a informed choice! Without the guess work.

Require all manufactures to publicly post to consumers all ingredients (defined)! If consumers see the words fortified, healthy or nutritious they believe because it is on the store shelf it must be great food. Not So! It is just whats allowed. If a manufacture uses chicken beaks then say Chicken Beaks! The chemicals used to enable consumption of these foods are a major disaster in itself (Toxic).

My personal experience: I have lost young pets for years with various diseases and some unknown causes until I figured out it is the pet food and changing did little good! From this experience and tons of research I have been cooking for my pets 16 years now.

I witness multiple pet owners struggle with sick/dying pets. I also spoke to veterinarians, government agencies, manufactures and veterinarian nutritionists. I started giving away samples of my cooking to concerned pet owners. And it worked. Pets were getting healthier and no words describe how pet owners felt. For two years I gave away food and information packets on pet food ingredients. From these ashes came fourth Organic Pet Bistro Products Saving Our Pets. Pets are our children they are our family! If a pet owner Does Not feel this way ~ They Should Not Have A Pet!! Would we open a can of food and think our children are getting nutritionally all they need to be healthy? The answer is NO ~ So why do we think this about our pets? Consumers need to be more responsible and educated about their pets nutritional needs ~ it is more than the same can of pet food day after day.. Common Sense!!

Thank You for your attention to the pet food industry informing the public. And Thank you Ann Martin !

Pet Bistro

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Mar 03, 2010
Pet Food and Sick Pets
by: Paul Cohen DVM

I agree with this lady. As veterinarians we are not well versed on Pet Foods. Like consumers we only know what we are told by the pet food manufactures or what is on the label. It seems the larger the Pet Food Manufacture the larger the exposure which gives consumers the illusion that it must be a great food because they see it everywhere. Nutrition for Pets has been for a lack of better words "guess work". One important aspect is to keep a log of the pet foods and problems that resulted from that specific food.
Research ingredients make a informed decision on what you are feeding your pet. Feed your pet fresh nutritional snacks like fruits and vegetables.
I have tried many different pet foods with my patients not many were without chemical compounds.
One pet food which I found worked great with our sick pets was Pet Bistro Organic. I researched this product which has absolutely NO Chemicals or Toxins and is completely organic. I recommend this product to all dog owners.
(I am not affiliated with this company or trying to sell PB food in any way - Just wanted to share that PB is a great product for those concerned pet owners. There are not many great choices out there)

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