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by hot pocket
(el cajon)

I have a blue nose brindle Pit Bull male and a Cocker Spaniel male and they were eating Science Diet for a year now but I don't have the money to keep on buying them that food.

The Pit Bull eats a lot so i switched it to nutrian something like that and they started getting red and very itchy for about 2 weeks the Cocker Spaniel stopped but my pit bull is bleeding everywhere he has a cut on his elbow abd his "thing" is starting to get irritated too.

I don't have the money to get him the Science Diet and there is no use in taking him to the vet cause all they will tell me is change his food like I don't already know that but I can't.

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Feb 28, 2010
Pet Food Expense Solutions/For The Love Of Your Pet
by: R.Miett

Responding to your current pet food dilemma. I will state I am not a veterinarian.Stop the food! Your pet’s health and quality of life are in your hands. The effect of these reactions from the food is not only external but internal as well. I have some ideas.You obviously are a very good pet owner for that I commend you.
NOTE: Check ASPCA web link or Animal Poison Control Center for unsafe foods before preparing food for your pet.Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.
Some alternatives
1.Cook for your pet. Buy meats on sale at the grocery store (hamburger/chicken etc.) Add vegetables, fruits and grains. Divide up into meals and freeze. Use smaller amounts and mix with a different pet food that is not making your pet sick. This will stretch the food out a bit. Also, use table scraps freeze those as well. (No Bones)
2.Speak to the grocery stores meat department ask them if they have any scraps that they can grind (not all fat) that they cannot sell maybe for pennies. Explain your situation. Call butchers.
3.Speak to your veterinarian(s) sometimes they have bags of food that are coming up on expiration which they cannot sell by law (still good). Explain your situation and your love for your pet and the problems. If that doesn't work offer a small donation or volunteer some time for the food. Walk into veterinarian hospitals or offices that sell dog foods in your area someone may be willing to help out.
4.Try walking into Pet Supply store that sell dog food. Ask them if they have any bags that are coming up on expiration. If they could spare one or two bags. Offer donation/time
5.Explain to work colleges/friends and family. Ask if you can place a covered container (with photo of pet) at work places(Donation to help feed Dog's Name)Temporary situation.If everyone donates $1.00 this should enable you to get your pets needs met at least for the time being.
If you have no other alternative see (6-7)
Many good people had to give up pets because of the economical situation. (Heart Breaking)
6.This is a compromising solution but at least you know your pet is in a good place.
Ask immediate family - relatives - friends to take care of your pet either temporarily or permanently.
7.Use Rescue Organizations ~ DO NOT TAKE ANY PET TO THE SHELTER (it is a death sentence).
*Google animal support groups for help*
The bottom line is that you need to figure out a solution quickly or your vet bills will be much higher than food costs and the end result will be the loss of your beloved pet. (This happens quite frequently). Continuing to feed a food that causes health problems is not considered humane. The fact that you figured out that the food is the problem is a feat in itself. It sometimes takes years before a pet owner figure out the causes of chemical/allergen symptoms.
For The Love Of Your Pet

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