Selling boutique dog biscuits

by Sue

I am thinking about making and selling dog treats. To start, I will buy my ingredients from grocery stores and everything I make is edible by humans.

Do I need to meet all the FDA requirements for dog food, nutritional analysis, and labeling?

Is there a minimum size a company has to be before it has to comply with the regulations?



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Not all human grade foods are safe for dogs
by: Barbara

Hi Sue,

I get this question a lot! So answering them on my site (instead of e-mail) will help others too.

That said, I cannot possibly give legal advice, but I'll tell you what I know:

Start at the FDA's website.

Check whether ingredients are safe for DOGS. When something is edible by humans, it doesn't mean it's healthy for dogs. Dogs have different detoxification capabilities, so the processing of the same foods can give different results.

Examples of foods that are hazardous to dogs (or even deadly) but completely safe to eat for humans:

- Onions and garlic (disulfides destroy dog's red blood cells).
- Chocolate (theobrominde affects dog's heart and central nervous system resulting in epileptic seizures).
- Grapes and raisins (potential kidney failure).
- Xylitol (can cause fatal hypoglycemia).
- Avocado (persin can cause vomiting and diarrhea).

Continue your research at the National Animal Poison Control Center.

As for the garlic, I read dog treat recipes and see that garlic is frequently used. Know this: EVERY compound is a toxic (even water). It's the amount that determines the results.

"It is not the substance that defines what is toxic and what isn't, but the amount". Paracelcus (1493-1541)

Treats don't have to be complete and balanced so that's a difference as compare to dog food regulations.

As for your question whether you have to comply: I feel that in this case you have to comply with any regulations, not matter how big or small your company is. As soon as you start selling, you're in business. At least that's my (Dutch) gut feeling, but please check with your local authorities to get a definitive answer.

All the best,

PS Just recently I bumped into this resource which is written especially for those who want to start their own gourmet dog treats business:

How to start your own gourmet dog treats business ebook

Click here to find it »

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