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Traveling has never been pet friendly because of the stringent no pet policies of several hotels and airlines. But things are changing now; the hotel and airline management have finally realized that by allowing pet parents to travel with their pets, they are only enhancing the whole experience.

Barking under the sun

We don't plan our vacations for our pets. So, even if they can be with us, it is more like tagging along. As a pet owner, before taking your pet with you, you must ask yourself this “what is in it for my pet?”

Try and think clearly about what exactly you plan to do with your pet. Once you have decided on the nature of the activities, then only you can plan for the safety precautions. The first thing that you should do is to find out a vet close to the place of your stay.

Double check that you have a current identification tag with your pet at all times. Microchips tags are also very common these days, especially if you plan to go to a crowded place. Keeping some photos of your pet with you is also a good idea in case you are separated. If you are planning on flying to your destination make sure your pet is familiarized with his pet kennel and that it is as per the standards provided by the airlines.

The route to routine

dogs having fun on the beach Dog fun on the beach [photo by Spigoo]

Pets like to stay in their routine. A trip naturally goes against that. As a pet parent it is your task to make sure that things remain as normal as possible.

It is up to you to make the arrangements and transitions as lively and stress free as possible. Make sure that the feeding and walking schedule of your pet remains the same. This way the pet would be better adjusted to his newer surroundings. Having a familiar item like a toy or a blanket is assuring and comforting for a pet.

Planning a vacation with your dog

Doctor visit

A trip to your vet is essential, getting all the vaccinations, especially for rabies, as they are legally required to do so.

Some pets need to be sedated before travel; this is especially common for dogs. Doctors recommend that if you are planning on sedating your pet it is better to do a test run, at least ten days before the actual trip. This way you can observe how you pet behaves to sedation? How long it takes for him to recover? This will help you access the situation better.

Hotels and camping

dog friendly holiday with my Akita Kensho My Akita choose my tent over his own

Finding a pet friendly accommodation has become easier over the years, but it still requires prior planning. As a pet owner it is your job to make sure that the hotel is aware of the size and type of your pet. This would help you avoid any extra charges at the last moment.


Airlines policies have always been a big hindrance in traveling with your pet. There are airlines that allow you to travel with your pet, but they have special requirements. Like, several airlines have implemented a pet embargo that restricts you from flying with your pet in case of extreme temperatures. Many airlines only allow a certain kind of pet. As a pet parent it is your responsibility to be aware in advance of all the Airline policies and guidelines regarding travelling with your pet. Make sure to find whether you can take your pet as a carry on or not.

Written by Kate Wilson.

About Kate

Kate is a blogger and a writer. She is fond of pets and has an American Alsatian dog. Beside this she is a nature lover and believes in green living.

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