Wanting to make my own dog food

by Bryan
(B.C Canada)

Hi, I just watched a video on the truth behind dog food and dog food manufacturers... I cried like a baby (I'm a 40 year old man). It's a sin the lies and manipulation that is being perpetrated on US consumers.

The fact that dog food manufacturers don't have to list the cancer causing chemicals that are in a lot of the meats because they didn't put them there, the supplier did, is ludicrous and another form of lieing where I come from.

Finding out that the city of LA alone sends 1000s of tons of euthanised cats and dogs to rendering plants, where they do not even remove collars, tags or flea-collars, and that once rendered it is sold to a lot of commercial pet food makers. This is SICKENING.

My wife and I have decided that we will no longer support these liars and cheats who are poisoning our baby (Lila) whilst telling us how good it is for her...

We want to make her food at home but do not know where to start??? We have no idea on the best ingredients. Our Lila is a 1 year Lab Shepherd x who is extremely active.

Can anyone direct us to recipes please?

Also I cannot find my password for the members only page. I have confirmed my membership and I have downloaded the 92 page web book... Can anyone tell me how to find this password ? I'm feeling left out !!! LOL

Thanks from Bryan, Tara and Lila

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Jan 19, 2011
Holistic Natural dog food
by: J.J

Hi, I have read similar stories of the horrors
of tainted meats in our dog foods, which all ingredients are third grade meats tainted with cyanide, so meat cannot be sold for human consumption.

I have been making my own dog food for 7 years feeding my teddy bear Spaniel, Kyla, and she is healthy, and looks, and acts like a puppy still !

My new dog food, will be coming out later in 2011.
It is made with real human grade chicken, salmon,
blueberries, flax seed, broccoli, and vitamins, and is Gourmet.

We will be distributing our food across Canada and USA.

If you want to make quick dog food buy human grade chicken, de-bone cook with brown rice, add ground flax seeds, carrots and broccoli.

You can add some vitamin D small quantity and Omega 3 sardine oil capsule, 1 per day, sqeeze pill in warm / cool food.

Dec 05, 2010
Cooking Organic Dog Food
by: Anonymous

I just read your comment. You are absolutely correct about pet foods! Which is why I went into pet food development. I had lost a few pets before figuring out it was the pet foods.

Now my mission is saving our pets through diet!
The best thing to do is use quality organic meats without seasonings and add vegetables and cook together;experiment with foods. You can boil, steam or bake using water as a base. Make enough that you can freeze in portions. Also, ask your veterinarian about nutritional needs of your dogs and what natural supplements would be best for them. Fruits and vegetables for snacks work well to balance their diet and make tasty treats.

Check the ASPCA site below for what foods are poisonous to dogs.


I make a product called Pet Bistro for dogs it is completely organic human-grade ingredients that we eat ourselves meaning you can eat it. It is that safe and pure goodness.If you wish to check it out it is www.petbistro.us

I wish you the best of luck; you obviously are GREAT Parents!

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