What is the best dog food for my dog breed of age of dog?

This is a question I get a lot which is why I've added it in this generic way to the list.

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There is no clear cut answer to give
by: Barbara

Apologies to all the dog owners expecting a clear cut answer. Every dog responds different to dog food brands and types and so my answer is plain simple: "it depends". Whilst an unsatisfactory answer perhaps, it?s true since it depends on a lot of things. There is no single dog food brand that is the BEST for all dog breeds, sizes, ages, personal sensitivities, etc.

The best food for YOUR dog is not the same as the best food for MY dog and hence I cannot give a straightforward answer.

This is the reason why I?m setting up such an extensive informational website: Giving you the required information and knowledge to find out which dog food is best for your furry friend.

To get started pay a visit to the Dog Health Checklist so you can determine whether the food you are feeding now is good for your dog. When there are no problems then don't switch.

A general rule is that the best quality dog foods are not the cheapest. But paying huge amounts for a bag of dog food won't guarantee that you have chose the best dog food for your dog. So it's not simple and of course you want the BEST dog food for your canine companion. However, sometimes good dog food can be just that: GOOD dog food! Only one can be the best for your dog, but probably more than one type can be classified as "good".

Good dog food is…

Complete and balanced. You can never be sure whether this is true and you have to have trust in the expertise of the manufacturer.

Palatable. If it's not palatable your dog won't eat it. The larger dog food companies test for palatability using large groups of dogs. However, acceptance by the average dog doesn't guarantee that YOUR pooch is going to love it. In general, dogs (and cat) like fat and protein in their food. They usually don't like too much of crude ash and fiber, but it's part of the requirements for a healthy diet.

Good texture. The texture determines how the kibble feels in your dog's mouth. Some dogs (my dog is one of them) like to chew their food and can be quite picky when it comes to size and shape of dry kibble. In general, good texture is more of a concern to cats than to dogs.

Digestible. Nutritious dog food is digestible dog food. Don't underestimate this one and this is precisely the reason why I often advice you to examine your dog's stool. The dog food can be complete and balanced to the max but if all the ingredients are indigestible, then your dog won't benefit from it. Digestibility can differ from dog to dog as it depends on the individual's metabolism rate, the amount of digestion enzymes, liver function, etc.

And above all… your dog does well on it! A shiny coat, white sparkling teeth, cheerful eyes, a perfect waist line, no itching, etc.

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